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Bgogo Exchange

The Cryptocurrency Exchange OF the Community, BY the Community, FOR the Community

Token: BGG

Price: 1 BGG = 0.0059 USD (0.00001429 ETH)

Industry : Other


ICO Start Date: 12-07-2018 (192)

ICO Closing Date: 07-08-2018 (166)

Pre ICO Start Date:

Pre ICO Closing Date:

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Bgogo is the digital asset exchange with supernode. It has a listing authority which is created to list the high quality and aspiring digital assets. The exchange has joined the new era of cryptocurrencies and returns trading fees to the users. It is commonly known as Mining Through Trading. Basically, Bgogo has 21 supernodes and the token is BGG token. The exchange claims to enhance healthier trading and BGG cap has the value of $1000. The user earns 105% of trading fee rebate whenever he trades on Bgogo

Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

Bgogo Exchange ICO (BGG Token): Cryptocurrency Trading Rewards Platform...

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BGOGO — The exchange of the community- by the community- for the community...

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