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DCentral Capital

Decentralized Ethical Venture Partnership

Token: JUST

Price: 1 JUST = 1.1 USD

Industry : Financial Service


ICO Start Date: 30-07-2018 (174)

ICO Closing Date: 12-11-2018 (69)

Pre ICO Start Date:

Pre ICO Closing Date:

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D-Central Capital has created a social co-operative Venture Partnership which helps emerging idea and technologies to grow through the shared knowledge of the Global Digital community. It operates a new and innovative approach to venture funding which finances the digital community. D-Central Capital offers fund on community members which allows for the free trading of JST1 tokens on Digital Exchange. The D-Central has a goal to decentralize the funding and redistributes the profits from the people

Team Members
Jimmy Cockerton - Co-Founder & CIO
Simon Hughes - Co-Founder & CTO
Thomas Knight - Co-Founder & COO
Gemma Harris - Social Media Manager
Paul Adams - Start-Up Advisor
Michelle Clark - Chief Ethical Officer
Iain Calvert - CMO
Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

New Associate Founder and Former Finalist on “The Apprentice” Karthik Nagesan joins the team...

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