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A Fully Trusted Blockchain Credit System for Ethic Data Driven Campaigns

Token: ENK

Price: 1 ENK = 0.003 ETH

Industry : Service


ICO Start Date: 18-09-2018 (124)

ICO Closing Date: 20-11-2018 (61)

Pre ICO Start Date:

Pre ICO Closing Date:

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Enkronos is a fully trusted blockchain credit system for ethic data driven campaigns.. It is mainly recommended for advertising, marketing, Al and big data solutions. The application of Enkronos is featured to centralize the new concept of various companies that engage with their consumers. Enkronos App is a unique data driven multi-application platform

These apps are created on a highly modular concept, where they remove, adjust, scale and improve every aspect in a simple and in a clean manner. All these applications of the platform utilize a centralized single sign-in (SSO) environment. This resolves all authentications or data authorization issues which an application can aid and eases the usage of all applications all over the world.

Team Members
Gianluca Busato - Founder & CEO
Jure Veler - CTO
Špela Mermolja - Project Manager
Luka Mladenović - Backend Developer
Jan Rožič - Frontend Developer
Mojca Mir - Business Assistant
Matjaž Prijatelj - System Administrator
Tomaž Uršič - IT Developer
Niko Bergles - UX/UI Graphic Designer
Matej Hladnik - Frontend Programmer
Nejc Cotič - Sales Account
Yuliana Yarotska - Backend Programmer
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Coming Soon!!!