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We are bringing the next 200m people into the crypto community

Token: JIB

Price: 1 JIB = 0.05 USD

Industry : Business Services


ICO Start Date: 01-11-2018 (80)

ICO Closing Date: 15-12-2018 (36)

Pre ICO Start Date: 01-07-2018 (-203)

Pre ICO Closing Date: 30-10-2018 (-82)

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Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect the worldwide cannabis community with the crypto world (200m +). A world to make the cannabis market completely independent of the financial system and its influences. By making use of the Blockchain technology, the team demonstrates the value of this revolutionary movement of the crypto-community and how we can make the world a little better. Be there today to help to make the crypto world accessible to the masses. Give the power back to the people!

Team Members
Herman Kutzer - TV Moderator N-TV
Christian Winkens - Diploma in Computer Science- University Koblenz
Ralf Hornek - Solution Architect IT-Infrastruktur- DAIMLER AG
Marco Heyse - Cofounder of Make-it.pro
Daniel Pikulski - CEO
Frank Ziski - Product Developer
David Poltorak - Database Designer
Eugen Goldnik - Chief Marketing Officer
Andre Hornschuh - CEO Hornschuh GmbH
Alexander Beck - Experimental Facility Technical Coordinator
Nikita Kosuha - Creative Web-Video Producer- Youtube
Rene Muller - Sales Partner- Kaspersky Lab
Denny Eismann - Community Manager
Tran Tho - Blockchain Developer
Lilly Hornek - Community Manager
Dominik Rapacki - Web Developer
Richard Godel - Web Developer
Nikita Schicharbeew - Telegram Support
Markus Spangenberrg - Leader Telegram
Adam Dudziak - Social Media Admin
Emre Ince - Customer Service
Alexander Preis - CBDO
Jens Thurn - IT Law & data protection
Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

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