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Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis for the Blockchain Era

Token: MCC

Price: 1 MCC = 0.1 EUR

Industry : Health care Industry


ICO Start Date: 31-08-2018 (142)

ICO Closing Date: 30-09-2018 (112)

Pre ICO Start Date: 16-06-2018 (-218)

Pre ICO Closing Date: 27-07-2018 (-177)

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The Company offers Revenue Sharing to MCan’s coin Holders on a Monthly Basis. The Company offers Dividend to MCan coin Holders on a quarterly basis. The Company generously provides 1 free listed share for participants who hold 1000 MCan coins bought during Pre-ICO Period once the Company is listed on NASDAQ or London Stock Exchange. Referral commissions of 5% will be distributed via smart contract to holders of Medical Cannabis (MCan) coins. Pre-ICO Discount of 30% for MCan coins. The Company firmly believes in Capital Appreciation of the MCan coins(ICO). The Company strongly feels in the Positive Appreciation of the Listed Share (IPO).

Team Members
Chandra Sekar - Chairman
Avtar Chagger - CEO
Yossee Attias - CFO
Marta Mróz - Executive Director - Safety- Hygiene and Environment
Agnieszka Wieczorek - Blockchain Developer
Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

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