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Token: MEP

Price: 1 MEP = 0.01 USD

Industry : Other


ICO Start Date: 20-08-2018 (153)

ICO Closing Date: 16-09-2018 (126)

Pre ICO Start Date:

Pre ICO Closing Date:

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The ecosystem for the next generation based on blockchain. Implement the ecosystem for the next generation through blockchain application of Medipedia. The current healthcare system, which is medical institution-centered, does not provide patients with appropriate medical information. Medipedia, as a healthcare system which is customer-oriented, Builds a transparent healthcare system where patients, healthcare providers, and external users can benefit from.

Team Members
Taeyong Kim - Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Yun Seob Lucas Kim - Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Lingraj Mahanand - Chief Technology Officer
Kyoung Sik Ban - Chief Operating Officer
Yeri Cha - Chief Community Manager
Adi Wahyu Setiawan - Community manager
Nikolozi Gogoladze - Community manager
Qiao Xiaohuan - Community manager
Caroline brown - Community manager
Abby Wong - Community manager
Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

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