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We are creating a social network with monetization of likes

Token: MNR

Price: 1 MNR = 0.05 USD

Industry : Service


ICO Start Date: 20-10-2018 (123)

ICO Closing Date: 31-12-2018 (51)

Pre ICO Start Date: 15-08-2018 (-189)

Pre ICO Closing Date: 15-10-2018 (-128)

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Monoreto is a mixture of Instagram, SteemIt, Kickstarer, and HQ Trivia. Monoreto is a social network with the monetization of likes. It is registered in Singapore. The token of Monoreto is MRC a ERC-20 compliant app token with limited emission. Each and every like endorses the account in the news feed with the popular sites. The user can manage his account and earn. He can also like and became popular, then raise funds, participate in charity and advertise the business in a effective manner.

Team Members
Kirill Granev - CEO- CO-FOUNDER
Alexey Tikunov - First investor- co-founder
Artem Vishenin - Co-founder
Alexandra Matveeva - COO
Mikhail Bondarenko - Director of Marketing and PR
Valentin Nagovitsyn - Art Director
Konstantin Modestov - Software Architect
Dmitriy Torshin - Blockchain Developer
Andrey Vinnikov - Chief Developer
Alexandra Solodyankina - Core Developer
Anton Chervenko - Big Data Scientist
Zakhar Burmakov - CBDO
Anton Kuklinskiy - SMM & Bounty manager
Anastasia Doronina - Junior Business Development Manager
Alexandr Tolstikov - Blockchain developer
Alexandr Buldakov - Fullstack developer
Eugene Diakonov - Backend developer
Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

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