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Create, own, and validate unique assets on the blockchain

Token: ZXC

Price: 0.0001 ETH, 1 ETH = 10,000 ZXC

Industry : Service


ICO Start Date: 04-07-2018 (200)

ICO Closing Date: 18-07-2018 (186)

Pre ICO Start Date:

Pre ICO Closing Date:

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Oxcert is the first open protocol which is built to back the future of digital assets. It is supported by non-fungible tokens.


Protocols for certification and verification of assets:- It deploys non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. The user can store these token in cryptographic wallets, own or transfer. Later it can be validated for checking their existence, authenticity, and ownership without the necessity of the third party.

Tools (Set of functions for developers):- Oxcert helps users to create smart contracts for ICO. The user can use this framework for his own token development and assist it with dapp creation methods. The protocol is applied to the various fields and industries to enhance its interoperability.

DAPPS:- Oxcert becomes a pluggable settlement with its secure blockchain agnostic platform, powerful tools and community embraced conventions for managing non-fungible tokens.

ZXC token:- ZXC utility token supports dapps. It is built on the top of Oxcert protocol with minimum charges. It is an open source project which is driven by the community and allows for its decentralized governance.

Team Members
Tadej Vengust - Solidity Developer
Jure Zih - CEO
Kristijan Sedlak - CTO
Mitja Pirc - COO
Urban Osvald - Head of Community
Leon Panjtar - Full Stack Engineer
David Licen - Lead Front End Engineer
Luka Kacil - Senior Blockchain Developer
Nick Stein - Head of Content
Romina Kavčič - Advisor for Design Strategy
Miha Gams - Project Manager
Lenka Tušar - Content Creation
Petra Kosi - Marketing Manager
Petra Mišič - Public Relations Advisor
Gregor Ažbe - Junior Front-end Developer
Jure Jakomin - Head of Growth
Matic Užmah - Customer Success
Anja Pukl - CFO
Tomaž Železnikar - Community Manager
Kim Fairley - Strategic Partnerships
Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

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