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W12: A Peer-to-Peer Digital Contract System

Token: W12

Price: 1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH

Industry : Other


ICO Start Date: 01-08-2018 (172)

ICO Closing Date: 12-12-2018 (39)

Pre ICO Start Date:

Pre ICO Closing Date:

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W12 is building a decentralized system in which trust between parties in any type of deal is not necessary. The solution consists of a blockchain protocol, allowing the creation of digital contracts and a decentralized oracle network ensuring their execution.

Main markets for the integration of the W12 solution:
ICO Market / 12 bn. USD (forecast: 56 bn. USD in 2021)
Crowdfunding / 40 bn. USD (forecast: 60 bn. USD in 2021)
Charity Market / 700 bn. USD (forecast: 1 tn. USD in 2021)
The GIG Market (Freelance) / 1.5 tn. USD (forecast: 3 tn. USD in 2021)
P2P E-commerce / 4.2 tn. USD (forecast: 7 tn. USD in 2021)
Construction Market / 9 tn. USD (forecast: 10.2 tn. USD in 2021)
And many others.

The W12 solution is a tenfold improvement over existing centralized analogues, offering the market a transactional model with a commission of just 0.5% (instead of 4-20%) which can be integrated with existing platforms and enterprises on each available market.
For the effective implementation of this solution in the traditional economy, the team will launch its own blockchain based on the proof-of-authority consensus with the ability to guarantee the privacy of contracts signed by the parties, the low cost of executing digital contracts and the storage of data in the blockchain. In addition to this, W12 provides a decentralized oracle network, audited and trusted stable coin, and a protocol allowing users to create peer-to-peer digital contracts.

The W12 solution allows us to reconsider the role of the state as an arbiter in relations between parties and to relieve part of this capacity from state institutions, shifting it to peer-to-peer digital contracts and self-regulated decentralized organizations, thus creating the basis for building a decentralized digital economy.

The W12 solution has already been recognized in a number of international conferences:
- Won 1st place and best ICO at World Blockchain Forum, New York.
- Finalist at Icorace, Switzerland (selected by a jury among 140 ICOs).
- W12 was marked by Silicon Valley experts at the Blockchain Economic Forum, San Francisco.
Our MVP is ready.
The Early pre-sale: COMPLETE. Soft cap reached.
HARD CAP: 22,500 ETH / 12 MLN. USD.

All tokens not sold during the token sale will be burned forever. Tokens allocated to the team, founders and advisers are frozen by a smart contract for 2 years.

Team includes advisors from Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Ericsson, serial entrepreneurs in IT, lawyers, CTO and developers with 10+ years of experience.

Hard Cap 22500 ETH
Team Members
Oleg Sharpatiy - COO & Founder
Andrey Granovskiy - CEO & Founder
Michael Korneev - CTO
David Kuhl - Business Development Director- Zürich- Switzerland
Alexander Tikhonov - Head of marketing
Ibrahim Tletseri - Art director
Nelly Pankovichenko - IR and business development
Savilya Akhmedova - Business development
Artur Potemkin - HR specialist
Rodion Nikiforov - IT specialist
Kirill Khoroshilov - JS developer
Vlad Portnoy - Frontend developer
Valery Platonov - Back-end developer
Coming Soon!!!
Coming Soon!!!

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